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Pink Space Slime Girl by Nichromo221 Pink Space Slime Girl by Nichromo221
Original title right? Here is a short little bio I might update in the morning (It's 11:41 pm here in New York)

~Name- Unknown (I was going to let my friends on Facebook decide her name)

~Race- Pink Blobian, a race of slime people of different colors, they are a sophisticated society, of innovation and creativity, they can shape-shift, and change everything but their face and color. They can use this to help build building, or make art bu shape shifting into statues and such.

~Gender- Female

~Strengths- She can shape shift, and do basic magic and glow.

~Weaknesses- She can't hold her form properly, and relies on gum (From the Earth) which helps her hold her form, if she runs out of gum, she can't shape shift properly.

Bio: She's just a basic slime girl, nothing special about her yet, I may make a comic on her, because I like her properties, but for now this is just a little character design, that I always go on my page. I tried going for a cartoony look, black outline under her neck, big eyes and big feet.

Drawn with: MS Paint for basic sketches, and draw with a new and cleaned layer in

So yea guys, that's it, hope you like her, and I may make a comic about her.
Though I'm not a brony, I do have a MLP human comic in the works, called My Little Student, which is like EG, except with better character designs and stories, I mean lets be honest, the EG character designs are so watered down because the bronies took all the GOOD designs, lol, I mean, WTF is Twilight even wearing?? XD

I may get into a full rant on that tomorrow, but for now, good night guys! 
BTW Yes this character is also made at night, as I said I get the best ideas when I'm sleepy XD
gemfalls Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
I LOVE HER!!!!!!! So cute!
Nichromo221 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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June 3, 2016
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