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Right! Hi there guys! It's me, Nichromo221, or Nicholas Bloxxer (However you know me)
I just want to give you guys some updates really quick:

I've been on a serious creative block lately. It's been restricting me from drawing, and finishing a drawing. Guess you can call it a lack of motivation, but I just haven't felt like drawing all that much anymore, OR making videos. I swear it's not me being lazy, as I try, but I just can't finish it because in my mind it's like, "ehhh, what's the point?..."
And no, I'm not depressed, lol. 

I've also been trying to brain storm ideas for a webcomic, and I was going through and enhacing my old ideas I always had (Trust me, I have many) of which I type on my iPad.

I also was also trying to get into a bunch of new mediums. My first one was going to be sculpting with polymer clay. I think it would be nice to make little figures and sculptures, and give them away (Yes, give away for free) and sell a few, and keep some. When I get older I wanted to start making plushies. I was thinking I could ask my parents if they could buy a sewing machine for me, or when I get older I can get my own. I'm trying sooo hard not to sound spoiled lol, but that's just one of the few perks of being a lonely, lonely, only child.. Well that just got sad. Me being an only child is why I love the show The Loud House. Lol. I thinking of doing a rant post about the Loud House Fandom, and how terrible a majority of it seems to be. 

Do you guys think I should do more journal posts like these? I think it's super fun to write my thoughts down and talk to you guys! Feel free to comment! I love comments more than likes and favourites, because it's more effort to type and chat, rather than just pressing a button! It shows me you guys care!

And for my last update: You probably noticed that between last year and this year, I haven't been posting a lot, well I think my creative block is caused by me being a sophmore in highschool. I have a lot of work and stuff to do guys XD, but I'll manage! Lol!

But yea, that's just some "quick" updates. Lol

I would also please appreciate if you guys would request me to draw stuff, maybe that would get me in the mood for drawing again. Like pllleaaassseeeee do, I'm BEGGING, PLEASE request me! 

Anywho, thanks for reading! Catch y'all later!
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Submitted on
December 4, 2016